Art Expo Santa Cruz

I am pleased to be participating in the inaugural Art Expo Santa Cruz! Apricity Gallery, which is my studio and showroom space, will be representing my work along with Nuala’s hand crafted leather goods. We are fortunate to be able to spend the afternoon alongside many talented artists from around the Bay Area. Please join us for this outdoor, pop-up event on May 18th from 3pm-7pm.

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Heading to the Desert...

Once again I will be making the pilgrimage out to the Black Rock desert to volunteer on a collaborative project that I've been involved in the past three years.  Using my professional and artistic painting skills paired with a wild spirit, I seem to be perfect for the job.  For folks that have not been to the event, it's quite a different experience and highly rewarding to go early and be a part of the "build week".  You get to see the behind-the-scenes construction and it's a great great way to contribute & make connections.  Painting is a different animal out there with the heat, dust, and no hardware store around the corner for unexpected needed materials but... let's call it an adventure!  So, we will resume work mid September.  Wish me good luck!  

photo by: John Curley

photo by: John Curley

Interior Design & Color Consultations

Painting is just one of the elements of remodels or redecorating. Interior design and color consultations are extremely helpful when in doubt about how to pull together a room to feel better, or what colors to choose. Some services we have provided in addition to painting are custom artistic lighting, reupholstered furniture pieces, window coverings, and more for homes and businesses.